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The project is located in the Marolles district, more precisely in the small Brigittines district. The building built in 1971 is an 11-storey apartment building divided into 146 units. Despite previous works – replacement of windows, lifts, renovation of the roof, boiler room – the general condition of the building has deteriorated over time. The surrounding area, on the other hand, has recently been completely overhauled as Park Jonction.

The project involves the renovation and insulation of the building envelope, the replacement of the ventilation system and the redesign of the emergency exits. The flats and common areas will be renovated while maintaining the existing layouts. Major changes to the volume of the existing building are not planned. The project foresees an overall treatment of the external envelope, giving it a new modern aesthetic and possibly an active role in the production of renewable energy.

The objective is to better integrate the buildings, owned by Logement Bruxellois, into their environment, to reinforce their legibility and to improve the comfort of the housing. Therefore, Beliris is looking for a multidisciplinary team consisting of an architect, a stability engineer and a special technical engineer.

The project must be executed while the building remains in use.  The organisation and phasing of the worksite must be able to guarantee the safety of the tenants and the viability of the dwellings.