(c) Séverin Malaud



The wasteland at the Gare de l’Ouest railway station has left an ‘eyesore’ in the Molenbeek landscape and represents a barrier in the neightbourhood. Indeed, the diagnostic phase carried out within the framework of the Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract “Around the Parc de l’Ouest” revealed a lack of facilities and qualitative public and collective spaces. More specifically, the areas to the east of the station lack green and public spaces, while the areas to the west lack facilities. To overcome this, the Municipality of Molenbeek is wishing to capitalise on the associations already active in the district to set up this type of facilities near the wasteland.

The project proposed here therefore concerns the optimisation and expansion of the existing youth centre “Centrum West”, a centre located close to the Beekkant footbridge, thus including youngsters on the other side of the railway tracks. Located at rue Jean-Baptiste Decock 84-86, the program also includes the renovation of a characterful industrial building that will become accessible to the public. This is also an opportunity to strengthen the JB Decock gentle approach in the extension of the Beekkant footbridge.

The Municipality of Molenbeek is seeking a team for the design and implementation of this community facility coupled with a youth centre. It should be noted that this project will have to be developed in colaboration with the future occupants, the non-profit making association “Centrum West” and the VGC. In addition, the land concerned by this contract is located in the immediate vicinity of the CRU 3 perimeter, which includes the implementation of numerous municipal and inter municipal projects, of which some will be regulated by the PAD “Gare de l’Ouest”.  These developments will change the local urban landscape and should therefore be taken into consideration in the design of the project. Finally, it is a simplified offer (motivation letter, methodology, vision note).