(c) Séverin Malaud



The transformation of the former barracks of the Ixelles Royal Gendarmerie School is entering a new phase, with the launch of a first “family” dwellings operation. Whilst the conversion of the site, christened Usquare, is already under way, through projects for university facilities and creation of public space, it now needs to activate the new district’s “dwellings” part.

The project focusses on three buildings and an adjoining area constituting the “Clos des Mariés” located on the corner of avenue de la Couronne and rue Fritz Toussaint. The site, of patrimonial interest, initially designed to house married gendarmes, must be returned to its initial purpose. An in-keeping site marked out within the barracks, this major restoration project absolutely blends with the Usquare project’s overall orientations, especially promoting use of patrimony, a circular approach and urban agriculture.
The site has space for up to 33 let social dwellings, without changing the volumes of the existing buildings. The dwellings will be managed by SISP BinHôme, which will entrust SLRB with project management.

At the tendering stage, teams selected will especially be asked to demonstrate the spatial reversibility of the dwellings proposed, TOTEM simulation and strength in terms of ensuring that materials chosen are in line with the re-use inventory provided.