(c) Séverin Malaud



Recently, the City of Brussels initiated an urban planning study on the interior spaces of the urban blocks in Laeken. It is now the turn interior spaces of the urban blocks of the Marolles district to be the subject of a new call. This concerns re-thinking the inner parts or surrounds of 7 Marolles urban blocks to increase the inhabitants quality of life in this dense and central neighbourhood of the city of Brussels. This project forms part of the  “Les Marolles” Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract (CQD)

The mission concerns a group of projects for upgrading the inner areas of city blocks and public spaces close to the neighbourhood. This mainly concerns intimate spaces, directly linked to the everyday life of the inhabitants of the Marolles that the CQD has named “the backstage” (as opposed to “the scene” which are “la rue Haute”, “la rue Blaes and “Place du Jeu de Balle”). Unlike the study on the Laeken city blocks, this is a comprehension design mission and follow-up of the works.

The City of Brussels is therefore seeking a multidisciplinary team able to carry out a comprehensive mission involving complete redevelopment of public space, as well as a mission of consultation and participation so that the project is driven by the inhabitants and suited to their needs.