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Here comes the second series of the School Contracts! As a reminder, the School Contracts, urban renewal programmes developed by the Schools Department at perspective.brussels, aim to strengthen the interaction between schools and their urban environment. Their objective is threefold: to improve the urban integration of schools; to increase the provision of collective facilities to inhabitants in the district by opening school infrastructure outside school hours; and lastly, to promote the opening of schools to the district through socio-economic activities and operations to requalify public space. A real win-win for both the school and the neighbourhood.

In December 2019, the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region selected two new School Contracts targeting five Brussels schools:
• A School Contract for the Athénée Royal Toots Thielemans in Molenbeek: a secondary school in the heart of old Molenbeek with very little connection to its surrounding district, which is in the process of full urban regeneration;
• A School Contract for the Sint-Ursula and Sint-Pieterscollege schools as well as for the Collège de la Fraternité and Sainte-Ursule in Brussels (Laeken): three primary schools and a secondary school located within  the same large building block which is characterized by many valuable tall trees (former park of Drootbeek Castle). The School Contract aims to encourage synergies between the four schools and open up the park to the neighbourhood.

The contract concerns research into the elaboration of activity programmes and investments for the two School Contracts in the 2nd series (2021-2025).

This mission comprises 3 components for each School Contract:
• Part 1: Elaboration of the diagnosis and priorities for each School Contract
• Part 2: Elaboration of the activity programmes and investments
• Part 3: Finalisation of the study and submission of the final report
The mission should be accomplished through a dynamic of consultation, participation and information directed towards the pupils, teachers and school principals, the organising authorities, inhabitants and those playing a role in the district and municipality.

The Schools Department at perspective.brussels is looking for a team able to demonstrate its experience in architecture and urban planning; experience in school facilities being a bonus. The Schools Department will pay particular attention to the proposed participatory methodology, which should enable a maximum number of players to be involved in the programmes of activities and investments.

The minimum skills required are as follows:
• Architecture-urbanism
• Participation with a special focus on the young audience and schools (French and Dutch speaking).
• Analysis and explanation
It is also expected that the team will have a good knowledge of urban and educational issues in the Brussels Region.

• Quality, clarity and relevance of the vision and work methodology (50%)
• Realistic planning (20%)
• Ability to summarise and put into perspective (10%)
• Price (20%)

• Week of 25 May 2020: 3 to 5 teams will be invited to submit a tender;
• Week of 22 June 2020: submission of tenders (documentation of team, note of intent, working method, document template);
• Week of 6 July 2020: submission of tenders to the Advisory Committee;
• August 2020: contract awarded;
• 1 October 2020: launch of mission.

FEES:  The overall market price shall be set at an indicative maximum of 100,000 euros excluding VAT;
GRANT: 1,500 euros awarded to each of the 2 to 4 teams not invited to tender, having submitted a regular tender and obtained half of the points on the basis of the award criteria.