This information concerns the publication of the full tender notice.
It is the follow-up of the publication of a pre-information notice in June 2022.


The Osseghem site in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, the historical headquarters of Delhaize, is set to undergo major changes. The LIONCITY project, under the auspices of Citydev, aims to convert this industrial site into a new mixed neighbourhood with a range of different functions.

The contract covers the construction of new buildings and the renovation and reuse of existing ones. The programme entails approximately 24,400m² of Citydev housing, 4,150m² of SLRB social housing, 15,240m² of workshops, a new 3,400m² Delhaize supermarket, 1,000m² of retail space, 2,100m² of retail/HORECA/complimentary amenities and the development of public spaces.

Citydev is looking for complete teams to design and carry out the programme as well as selling the subsidised Citydev housing. The teams bidding for this contract must consist of 3 entities: a developer, a contractor and a multidisciplinary designer team. The latter will be qualified to cover aspects such as architecture, stability, special techniques, landscape architecture, acoustics, circular economy assistance, ecology, hydrology and mobility.

As well as the importance of good urban integration and good cohabitation of functions, the attention is drawn to make this an exemplary and innovative project in terms of sustainability. This ambition is expressed through different themes: biodiversity, integrated water management on the site, the circular economy, urban agriculture, energy, etc. These will be integrated into the design of the housing, economic activities and outdoor spaces.

This newsletter serves as a pre-information notice for the full tender notice, which is expected to be published in mid-August.