The Museum of Art and History in the Cinquantenaire Park is currently undergoing a master plan with a perspective up to 2030. In anticipation of this vision, the Museum would like to modernise a number of tours in order to make the exhibits and historic rooms more attractive and comfortable for the public in the short term. This call concerns the exhibition circuit “America – Easter Island – 18th century style interiors” which requires an architectural and scenographic approach to meet four ambitions:

  • Showcasing the masterpieces in the South America collection, notably the small statue commonly known as the Statue of the Broken Ear due to the fact it figures in the Tintin album with the same name, and the Chilean mummy known as Rascar Capac, as it was referred to in the Tintin album “The 7 Crystal Balls”. We also expect a critical analysis of the opportunity to immerse the visitor in a “Tintin universe”.
  • Reconnection of the “Mercator Gallery” with the option to include in this passage a refreshments area for visitors, including a tearoom and access to the Japanese garden. This connection and garden must be easily accessible to those with impaired mobility.
  • Reopening to the public and scenographic redesign of the space accommodating the statue from Easter Island. The museum aims to use this important sculpture in creating a place of peace and meditation at the heart of the exhibition circuit.
  • Public opening of the “extremely outdated” 18th century interiors. We expect a limited scenographic upgrading of these galleries which does justice not only to the decorative arts of the 18th century, but also to the disrepair of installations, which is one of the reasons for the complete renovation of the Art & History Museum.

The challenge is to offer an attractive tour and an educational and museum experience to visitors within the existing museum organisation, with qualities that ensure comfort and accessibility for all. It is also expected that the
proposal will take into account the temporary aspect of the tour, favouring the integration of the principles of circularity and economy of means and materials.

– Architecture and/or interior design and/or scenography
– MEP engineer


  • Urbanity 30%
  • Habitability 30%
  • Technicality 30%
  • Feasibility 10%

Site visit: 19 January 2022
Submission of tenders: end of February 2022
Assignement: March 2022

€250.000 net of VAT – fees not included.

14% net of VAT, of the amount of the work calculated on the estimate made by the successful bidder at the time of submission of the work.

€2500 net of VAT

If you are interested in the work, we invite you to send an e-mail, before 12.01.2022 at 10 AM, to the bouwmeester maître architecte at, showing your interest, motivation and experience, and giving your contact details and/or those of the planned team (on a maximum of one attached A4 sheet).