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elaborating a PPAS

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2 December 1998, Grand-Place in Brussels is considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful squares.
To preserve this gem and oversee the development of neighbouring areas, the City of Brussels is launching a call for bids to produce a local land use plan (PPAS) to respond to a number of challenges within the ‘UNESCO’ perimeter. Beyond protecting the extraordinary heritage around Grand-Place, the aim is to return to a mix of businesses that benefits all users, to improve the quality of housing in the city centre, to oversee urban developments within the perimeter and to respond to the objectives of the Regional Mobility Plan. Other challenges exist as well, such as the de-densification of the inner areas of urban blocks or the new programme for the police station and the redevelopment of Place d’Espagne.

The PPAS will be developed through an iterative process, using the work of the Report on Environmental Incidences, a mission that will have its own procurement process.

The PPAS will be developed in accordance with principles for sustainable development, high environmental quality, a resilient city and in line with the city’s vision on commerce. Every element of the development project must therefore integrate these principles so as to minimise its impact on the environment and deliver a high-quality living environment.


  • Architecture – Urban planning – Landscape design
  • Heritage
  • PPAS


  • Quality of the proposed work method (50%)
  • Quality and relevance of the team’s expertise (30%)
  • Feasibility (20%)

Week of 20.10.2021: 3 to 5 teams will be invited to submit a tender
27.10.2021: introductory meeting
06.12.2021: submission of tenders
End of 2021: assignment
Duration of the study: 36 months

€100.000 net of VAT

€ 2.000

If you are interested in the work, we invite you to send an e-mail, before 12.10.2021 at noon, to the bouwmeester maître architecte at appel-oproep@bma.brussels, showing your interest, motivation and experience, and giving your contact details and/or those of the planned team (on a maximum of one attached A4 sheet).