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Master plan and construction

The Van Asbroeckschool is located in the centre of Jette and occupies most of the building block in which it is situated. It is a bilingual municipal school with a crèche, nursery classes, a primary school and rooms for the academies, spread across 6 buildings on the site and open spaces linked by a series of landscape elements (hedges, trees, fences, etc.).
In order to increase the capacity of school places and at the same time provide pupils with a better living environment, the municipality plans to carry out work in several phases.

A financial and volumetric feasibility study for the school site, carried out in 2021, included a clear architectural diagnosis of the existing buildings, a detailed analysis of the spatial needs, and the development of various spatial scenarios.

Through this assignment, the municipality of Jette wishes to develop a coherent spatial framework (master plan) for the restructuring of the school site as well as the implementation of a first series of works.
This is a full design brief (architecture, engineering, advice on the energy performance of buildings, health & safety coordination) for drawing up a master plan for the Van Asbroeck school site and the new building of a Dutch-language nursery school and music academy.

The assignment comprises three fixed parts (master plan, NL academy, NL nursery school) and four conditional parts (refectory, FR academy, FR nursery school, children’s day-care centre).