(c) Séverin Malaud

The Josaphat-Ruche school site, which is situated in the municipality of Schaerbeek, houses two schools: the ecole Fondamentale n°1 and the Institut Technique Frans Fischer. These exceptional school buildings, designed by Henri Jacobs and opened in 1907, are currently listed, yet they remain somewhat neglected.

School n°1 has been awarded a Contrat ecole (Schools Contract), a regional programme aimed at strengthening interaction between schools and their neighbourhood developped by the School Service of perspective.brussels . The contract comprises several projects within the complex and its surroundings. This tender involves the ‘flagship’ project in the Contract, developing a high-quality sports hub, open to the neighbourhood, with points of access independent of the school.

Currently, the entrance door to the gymnasium from Rue Josaphat is not used, while the second sports hall is only accessible from the school. Part of the project involves creating new distinct and secure points of access to the school sports hub; the other involves renovating and refurbishing the two gym halls. There are also plans to upgrade the dance studio and build new changing rooms.
By opening these facilities to the public outside of school hours, the aim of the renovation is to build ties with the local neighbourhood and promote participation in sports.

Furthermore, putting in place a new point of access on the Avenue Louis Bertrand side will make it possible to manage the different halls autonomously. It will also raise the profile and improve the desirability of the school n°1.

The municipality of Schaerbeek is seeking a cross-disciplinary team for a full project designer mission to restore and renovate the sports halls and adjoining rooms at the school n°1.
The project designer must take the conclusions of the Schoolcontract into careful consideration, as well as take historical and heritage value into account in the design.

The following expertise is required, as a minimum:
•    Architectural expertise
•    Stability expertise
•    Special techniques expertise
•    Acoustic expertise
•    Expertise in historical studies and restoration of heritage

•    Around the 27 August: three to five teams will be invited to submit a tender
•    31 August: site visit and information session
•    30 September: tender submission deadline
•    Mid-October: submission of tenders to the Advisory Committee
•    November: contract awarded and start of the mission

•    The architectural and functional qualities
•    The technical qualities
•    Feasibility

BUDGET: 683,000 Euro excluding VAT
FEES:  Set at 102,450 Euro excluding VAT
GRANT: €2,000 allocated to each of the teams invited to bid that have submitted a consistent, comprehensive tender and scored at least 50% of the points.

If you are interested in the work, we invite you to send an e-mail, before 23.08.21 at 14 PM, to the bouwmeester maître architecte at appel-oproep@bma.brussels, showing your interest, motivation and experience, and giving your contact details and/or those of the planned team (on a maximum of one attached A4 sheet).